Text editing and the escape button

Hi It seems that in the latest updates the way you exit from a text edit changed? It used to be I could make a change to a text object then hit escape and move on. Now it does not apply those changes unless i mouse over to the OK button.

Is there any way to disable this or go back to escape simply exiting the window? It seems trivial, but mousing over to the OK when I’m editing large numbers of notes on a drawing really adds up to a lot of time.


is there a service release I’m missing, or is it in a release candidate?

I’m on this version and having the problem:

Version 6 SR23
(6.23.20055.13111, 02/24/2020)

Dunno… Check here Rhino - Rhino - Search Results

Hi @nscross - escape is generally considered “cancel” in Rhino. That you could edit the text, then press ESC to accept changes sounds wrong to me.

However, it does seem like a quick way to get out of the dialog box would make sense. If the text edit box were not multiline, you could just press Enter. But since it’s multiline, press Ctrl+Enter instead to exit the dialog box.

does not work on mac, tried all possible combinations

Hey Brian, would there be any way to toggle something like that? ctrl enter is still a good deal more work then just hitting esc, fighting 5-10 years of muscle memory isn’t fun.


i agree with ESC being actually comfortable to basically just close the window fast but have it close with the changes of course. if the text is wrong and you find out then you still get to undo it.

generally i would really love to edit the text directly without having to deal with extra windows.

There are dozens of places that I wish I could use a keyboard in macOS in general (like accept a non-default button on a dialog box - I can’t use arrows, maybe there’s some other way, but I don’t know it). Maybe this is just be part of how it’s supposed to be on macOS?

That dialog box is the only place where Esc doesn’t mean cancel in Rhino. I don’t think making it work the way it used to makes much sense - especially since we’d have to go back and fix a whole bunch of other dialogs to treat Esc as Enter.

yeah i’ll get used to it I guess. The way it is now is how photoshop works and I’ve always disliked it. If there was any way to get out of it faster, maybe clicking outside etc. I just tend to be hitting esc a lot in between commands, like turning off control points etc, it was pretty natural. There’s a lot of times that I’m editing text items all day, adds up to a lot time.

For text creation, you could do

-_Text “This is my text”

Editing, not so much. I added https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-57572

Sure. Building the habit for Ctrl+Enter will never be as fast as Esc - somehow the Ctrl key is always hard to hit.

For what it’s worth, the Fn +Enter combination seems to work on my MacBook Air.

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thanks wim, that also works on an external apple keyboard, how did you figure that out?

Just trying all possible combinations… : )

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:smiley: ok you got me there, i missed one.

i really have no idea what you were trying to say here. it seems you have lost it with the mac keyboard or are hating about it even? it leaves me confused finding a thorough relation to what i have stated.

i would expect the mac version to function as similar as possible to the window version. generally the dominant difference between cmd and ctrl is an acceptable and commonly used deviation, for the rest i would say it is in your hands to make the difference as subtle and as (un)necessary as possible.

other applications i am using on the mac for now more than 2 decades have made this possible, i dont see why rhino for mac has to be extra difficult…

but on a side note, i appreciate that there are different shortcuts possible on mac, some which seem locked for the windows version.