Escape key

I laid off this until upgrading to V6. The wireframe jump is still bothersome.

Any possible DIY solutions? I’m thinking along the lines of remapping my capslock to some unused key and then if it could run a script that deselects all objects but doesn’t interrupt meshing. I think that might be a workaround if it’s possible.


You replied to a 4 year old post for a different version of Rhino.

I’ve moved this to a new message topic.
Please fully describe the issue you’re seeing now so someone can help.


I can say it more succinctly now.

I want to be able to mash a convenient key twice to end the current command and deselect all objects without cancelling any meshing that’s going on.

I’m not aware of a way to do that with a simple command script.

You might consider posting this over in the Scripting category.
If it’s possible, that’s where you would find the people with the scripting skills.