Pressing escape at wrong time... minor gripe

Put this in the fine-tuning category,

But more often than sometimes I am pressing escape to get out of a trim and rhino is generating a mesh for the part I just trimmed and then the escape to get out of trim cancels the meshing and the view changes to wireframe which kindof messes up my flow.

Simply put, using the Escape key as a way to normally complete a command is a bad habit. Tapping the Enter key is the way Rhino was designed.
Escape has always been a way to interrupt a process that needs to be stopped for whatever reason.

I don’t think it’s possible to change the functionality of Escape and make it work both as a process interruption and as a normal command terminator.

I understand that but I think you will find you are forcing your user to work in a cognitively disconnected way.

Mentally, for me anyway:

RMB is "do again"
and Escape is “stop doing”

This is easier for me than

“RMB is do again but sometimes, stop doing, but only when you have what you want… sortof.”

Escape works every time for ending a command… whether it has completed the task (but command is still running like trim) or whether you have decided you do not want to complete the command. (Like a tweencurves you don’t want anymore)

I think when you’re flowing you don’t want to have to think about which way you need to end the command. You should just be able to end the command the same way every time.

And somebody correct me but I believe the escape key is the only way to kill every command in a single stroke. It’s a physically bigger key and away from other keys on my computer so it’s easy to strike quickly and not hit other stuff. It’s also just a generally more convenient spot for left hand.

I agree with wynott on this one but the larger issue is the Wireframe jump. Why does interrupting a command send you to the Wireframe visual display?! This is a huge workflow interruption and needs fixed. I only just noticed this with the latest WIP (6.0.16341.12271, 12/6/2016) downloaded today while attempting to trim something. I don’t use trim that often so it obviously could have been a problem before. I hope no other commands interrupted “Escaped” do this.

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