"escape" key undoes scale change in selected detail > properties scale editor

Enter doesn’t get you out of the detail editing input fields.

So one tried to use the “escape” key, whic gets you out, but it undoes the scale change.

I don’t think this is intuitive and it’s leading to errors for those of us who use keyboard commands.

The only way out of the field is by clicking somewhere else.

Hello - do you mean in the Properties panel?

What should happen , though? It is not a dialog, so cannot be dismissed with enter. (If it were, Esc would presumably revert changes.) If you’re working in there changing numbers and Enter moved your focus out of the panel , I daresay you’d be asking for our heads. Tab works to change fields. What looks wrong to me, and different in various pages of Properties, is that Enter does not select the value, meaning you cannot type again to correct an error, new typing is appended. That seems dumb to me.


Esc does revert changes. That doesn’t seem right to me and explains why some of my detail views aren’t at the scale I thought I’d set.