"EXIT" command is too easy to use

I wanted to EXTEND a line. I know that I can do that by typing “ext”, then pressing ENTER. However, I was too quick and I pressed ENTER before the “t” key and the command at the top was EXIT, so Rhino closed.

Even though I didn’t lose any of my work, it was an inconvenience to have to wait for Rhino to close, then reopen it. I would like to see the EXIT command removed as a type-able command, or at least make it harder to type (e.g. EXIT RHINO).

that happened to me before. thankfully, rhino will save the work prior to quitting so in that regard, it wasn’t too big of a deal.

it’s unfortunate that ‘exit’ is alphabetically ahead of a few commands that I often use… extend and the extrude commands. I think the command exists for scripting reasons but on mac, I’d expect the command to be ‘quit’ instead.

It should probably just be removed from the auto-complete list. That way you really would have to type exactly “exit” to activate the command. In any case you should get the warning dialog if you have unsaved work, I don’t think there is any danger of Rhino closing without giving you the possibility to save.

Edit: perhaps on Mac, it will close without asking you if you want to save, due to Versions… Makes me glad I’m a Windows user…


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