Text dots default font size

Is there a way to set the default font size for new text dots? I would expect a setting to be available, but I’m not seeing one…

2 ways-

  • Create and size: Type Dot 2020-05-06_13-21-20

  • Ad hoc: Select the dot and Choose (menu) Panels>Object properties
    snap00 5-6-2020

I am aware that the font/size can be set when making or changing a dot. What I’m wondering if there is a way to set the default values that will be assumed if they are not changed in a dot. My Rhino default appears to be Arial 14, and I’d much prefer Calibi 11. It’s annoying to have to change each and every dot.

Just tried change to your preference and saved as template; not remembered.
No options in snap01 5-6-2020

well it seems that the mac version at least keeps the font size sticky, but font does indeed get reset each time. that is probably a bug, but in the meantime you could use the dashed (scriptable) version of dot -dot and macro the command, then you can set the size and font sticky.