Text Dot Size & Font (wish to change default setting)

Hello, is there a way to set the text dot to a new default size and font style ? (I know these can be changed after creating them in properties). I want to make a new ‘style’ and have that sticky each time I use a dot for labelling ?? tia

(edit- I use the dotwithdata from the Peters Tool set)

Hello- I do not see a way to do that so far.


Not exactly sure what is meant by sticky?

You could create a custom button:

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Martin, thanks for this, I forgot to mention, I use the dotwithdata from Peters Tools, would there be a way to implement this in Peters Tools ? tia

I don’t know Peter’s tools. Probably best to ask him / their developers?

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will do, thanks anyway the method you’ve suggested has a use for me too, cheers

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