Text as Geometry, to engrave on a surface

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I am wanting to engrave a surface with some text in order to be able to do 3D-printing, that is, I want to specify some text, with font/size/boldness, etc, including the depth, and then solid-diff this text from a brep.

I see that FabTools once did this, but it is looking long in the tooth and I am not sure whether it works for Rhino 7 (on Windows). I have downloaded Bower-Bird, which does have a BB Text option, which outputs a boundary curve. This would be workable. Presumably one can extrude the text to the required depth and then diff it from the surface…

… but is this really what people do? What is the recommended way to engrave text into a brep these days?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Yup, that is what people do, can’t think of any other methods to engrave a text onto a polysurface rather than Boolean Difference/Solid Difference.

Might want to check Elefront too as it has some nice Text creation tools. With it you can even create your own annotation style in Rhino an reference it into GH.

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Thanks very much for the reference - I had seen Elefront mentioned when I was searching for this, but have yet to download it - I’ll give it a try!

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In case anyone finds this thread later, Elefront appears to be the way to go.

The latest version is 4.2.2, although the included folder is named ‘elefront421’. The 04 Annotations >> Define Text Object takes text input and has three options for the form of its output. Selecting ‘Surface’ give a surface which can be extruded and solid-diffed against another brep:

ElefrontText.gh (15.0 KB)

One strangeness is that if the ‘Curve’ output is selected, the resulting curves are not closed, and so useless for my purpose. If you want curves, Bowerbird appears to be better.

Kerning is not anything to write home about, but basically this is good enough for me!

Thanks again for the advice!!

I gave it a go using Python, and I get all closed curves.
Python_Text.gh (10.1 KB)

Try Text tools in Fennec addon