Attaching Text Object to a Surface

I’m pulling my hair out. I’ve SEARCHED, Googled, and pushed every button and still can’t figure out how to do this one simple thing. I’ve designed a small object that has flat surfaces. I would like to imprint on one surface. Ideally I’d like to engrave our logo on that surface, but if I’m limited to using stock fonts, that’s okay. How do I ‘glue’ a text object to a surface and engrave it into that surface? And, please be kind - I’m fairly new to Rhino so I don’t know all the ways to manipulate curves. Thank you!

Hi Ken - use TextObject to create the text - use Output=Solids. Place the text on the target object - there are different ways to do that, but I would place it so that all of the text penetrates slightly into the part. Then, BooleanUnion or BooelanDifference, depending on whether you want embossed or debossed text.


for clarity…
are you talking about doing something like this?

Just got back to it. Thank you for your response. I’ll give it a try.

Yup - that’s it! Thank you.

Magic! That worked. Is it true that I have to “BooleanDifference” each word separately? When I did two separate TextObjects and tried "Boolean"ing them at the same time, one disappeared. Also, I laid down four separate words on the item and "Boolean"d them separately. They were all visible in Rhino, but when I exported them in an .stl file, the last word I did disappeared. Very strange.
Thank you for your help!

OK, by ignoring the definition of insanity, after about the fifteenth try, the fourth word printed. I have no idea why. Anyway, thank you for helping!