Testmarkup - Sketching in Rhino 8 - FUN STUFF!

Due to some of the brilliant work done by Morteza here at McNeel, we have a test command you can try to do some sketching in rhino 8-


use a cintiq or other tablet, you may need to fuss your pen settings and this is VERY much a test command and may go utterly haywire on you… proceed with caution and save often, don’t work on production files, without a back up etc etc…

these are my pen settings that are working-

interested in your impressions and thoughts on how this could develop.


In the projection settings, are you using pen or mouse mode?


I have an older driver- i am using ink mode


You guys should really consider letting us use this with the mouse. We doodle over Rhino with mouse drawings all day everyday using Zoom’s markup tools, or Epic pen on a local machine.

It would be nice to do this directly in Rhino so the annotations stay in the file.

We find fast and accessible drawings by everyone, clients included, much more useful than nice sketches with a tablet only by a tablet user. In terms of remote participants sketching in a host Rhino shared screen, we can do it with sharing mouse and keyboard access.

What do you think of that?




It works with the mouse too


drawing with a mouse is torture, but you do you… it does work with a mouse…it essentially calls the sketch command just click and drag with the mouse.

currently the curves you create are real rhino curves, you can even model with them, they do get saved with the file atm.


Great to know! We have saved hundreds or maybe thousands of hours lost work by misinterpretation by drawing with a mouse, or a finger on a touchscreen. Instead of talking about (or rather around) a problem.

Can’t wait to be in v8!



you may be waiting until v9…we learned a lot recently about about releasing stuff “too soon” :wink:

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I’ll wait to upgrade to V7 until there’s a version of Rhino that crashes 1.5 times per month max, has no regressions, and allows me to have all my custom tools on multiple computers, always in-sync, without requiring a PhD. to deploy and update.

For now I’m this dude:


well, you should get used to v8…

you yelled at us for releasing too soon. so now v9 won’t come out for 11 years. :crazy_face:


I’ll get used to V8 when it’s ready based on my criteria above. AFAIK we are not there yet.


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Just a reminder that fnger sketching sometimes is also needed, not just mouse sketching. This was my 5th markup today so far.


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you hurt my heart when you draw with your finger…But I hear you…sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

keep in mind this is simply using the rhino sketch tool that already exists in desktop Rhino.

what you are doing is a paint overlay. that is a different thing.

if you can’t do it with your finger in rhino, you can’t do it with testmarkup.

BUT… you CAN do this in iRhino with your finger or an apple pen. (and the lines are much prettier)


We can probably support this as well on touch screens.


Those finger doodles are already printing in 4 parts/4 printers and will be done in 1 hour:

The ways we work have changed. And I hope you can come along to empower us in that change.



This is really cool! As a former painter who transitioned to architecture, I’ve missed having these kinds of tools readily available. Currently in Paris doing some research on tactile drawings and models, and can see how this kind of tool might make developing this kind of work easier. Will look forward to testing it out when I get back to the U.S., thanks for sharing Kyle!

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Maybe I am not up to date, but can this also work with the iPad? I already have so many devices on my desk, I don’t want to get another one :smile:

Hi Rudi -

Yes, this works fine with the iPad. Just push a floating window to the device.

Hi @gustojunk ,
You wanted to say: “I’ll wait to upgrade to V8/9…”?
Because at the moment you are using V7?
Sorry if I misunderstood you.

This is epic!!!

Some immediate feedback:

  • would be great to be better able to navigte the 3D viewport on the iPad. Now i can only pinch-to-zoom
  • one can select the CamerAligned option, but the CPlane is way too close to the camera IMO. Would be great to have a combination of CameraAligned and then setting a point on an object in Rhino which defines the origin of the plane, lets call this function SetOriginidea: using the double tap input option of the ApplePencil to activate the SetOrigin function.
  • the curves are jiggling around too much while drawing, a little but distracting…

Some cool development!!! Amazing for communication in 3D and maybe also extremely helpful for the creative 3D process and thinking in 3D…

Thank you