Testmarkup - Sketching in Rhino 8 - FUN STUFF!

That’s correct. I made a mistake typing it. I’m in V7 which runs great. I’d love to be in V8/V9 woo when it runs as well as V7.


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It seems none of the options [apart from the color selection] currently works on Mac. 8.7.24128
Otherwise drawing with the pen is great .

  • note that strange things happens if you put something in the Value field ATM.

Thanks a lot

the options (camera aligned, thickness) work fine on my Mac

Yes you are right @rudolf.neumerkel today the options do work here… [they didn’t yesterday]

any idea what would the option

Text hight

stand for?

This. Yes, pretty please :pray:

Added to the wish list at https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-81967/Support-Windows-Touch-Screen

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This may not “seem it” but I do believe the ability to markup in viewports/views/on objects/in camera plane etc. is an important feature in modern software.

Separately from this command offering interesting sketching abilities,

visual communication is critical in collaboration with design teams, text/speech is not enough.

Most of the time folks are just sketching on top of printed out sheets, Windows Screen Snip, Miro/Figma images, MS Teams markups, etc.

But if you are working with a Rhino team primarily (or even not) having these markups in 3D space or at least 2D camera/planar space is really a wonderful feature, the fact that it produces the result of nurbs curves and model linetype settings is just wonderful.

So anyways, I say all that to say, thanks for getting this out there to test, I think this is important and the integration of marking up in Rhino or iRhino and having that directly translate over to the desktop main model will be invaluable moving forward.

My two cents, thanks!



Can you elaborate on this?
I’m having a hard time understanding how orbiting the view will work when you’re doing a 2D markup? Because the 2D linework no longer lines up with the 3D model when view is changed

yes, it actually started on the ipad in iRhino.

use the markup feature in Irhino.

BUT…big distinction… in rhino… these markups are cplane dependant and can then be used for modeling-

in iRhino, the original intent was to simply allow for redlining and markups and they are stored as named views with curves applied to a view based cplane.

there is talk of merging the two styles into one, so that you can essentially have markups that you coudl build from, but we’d need to come up with some sort of way of managing cplanes in iRhino that is better that what we have now.

it’s a super fun project and @mkarimi is an awesome person to have working on this.

please keep trying it, keep breaking it, and let us know your thoughts about how it can bring joy (or where it currently causes pain)
as you use it.


This is what I get on my Surface Pro 9 with its pen

is that in rhino? that appears to be windows ink, not our markup stuff… we don’t have pressure sensitivity yet.

can you elaborate on what we are seeing here?

I am thinking about doing markups at different positions. Defining planes on certain objects, sketching some things there and then going to the next one and sketching there again (in a different plane)

I see, you can do something like that in Rhino by turning on autoAlignCplane with sticky option and using testMarkup command.

But I suppose you want that in iRhino? We can add an option. We need to come up with a good UI


All options seem to work on my mac.

Amazing, now a navigation on the iPad (using it as my external monitor) would be great. When using it as an external monitor, I can only pinch-to-zoom, but not orbit around an object.

I am not talking about iRhino for now, have to test it there as well

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Interesting use case, logged an issue: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-81974/iPad-as-external-monitor

did I get it right?


yes exaclty. I dont want to have to hover my mouse over to the iPad to navigate. i just want to use touch gestures.
Not sure however, how this can be implemented / what input options macOS is providing for an iPad when used as an external monitor

I made it by using custom linetypes…