Line width; exports as different width

Hi there.

Am I the only one having issues with print / linewidth? When i’m exporting my lineart as .pdf (with RhinoPDF or AdobePDF) it doesnt export the correct linewidths. I’ve been trying back and forth with linetype scale, but I really cant figure out why its not working. Ive attached my working file.


Printwidth.3dm (423.5 KB)


Hello? Anyone else experiencing this?

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Hello - as far as I can see the widths are as set in Rhino in my export - I have not looked at all of the lines - try this one - is that what you expect?

Printwidth.pdf (74.6 KB)


Im having the same problems,
Im setting everything up correctly but when I open the PDF to check in illustrator:

0.05 width becomes 0.24
0.13 width becomes 0.48
0.25 width becomes 0.72

My friend is also facing these issues on her version T-T
Im no whizz at rhino so I cant figure out if its a unit conversion issue or if im setting up the document wrong

Hello - in Rhino the units are mm, say, but in AI they are reporting points.

.72 pt = ~.25 mm


how do I stop it!


I’ve set my Illustrator to MM but the problem still persists. I.e my 2mm line in rhino exports as 2.12mm in AI.

Not a huge difference, but can be noticeable from time to time.

Hei Filip -

In a quick test with Inkscape, the difference is only 0.01 mm but when I import a PDF back into Rhino, the print width is off by a factor of 100+.

At any rate, I’ve put the following on the list to be looked at:
RH-64365 - File IO: Export PDF - Print Width
RH-64366 - File IO: Import PDF - Print Width

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