Export selected as pdf ignores selected and also scale

Trying for pdf to get rhino into photoshop at scale and with visible line weights, as ai sees a non scale gossamer thick lines art appear despite export box 20000mm wide being used and opened as 20000mm wide.

However I select my box and few contents, go export selected as pdf, I see all the objects on an A4 sheet, thats not right, my box is landscape and long and thin, up pops the sheep for thr pdf maker prog, choose pdf. open it into pshop and I get massive thick lines and everything and not at scale I wanted.

is it not possible to get export selected to work with pdf in V5 ?

What can I use to get thick visible lines if using ai ?

My recipient plan in photoshop is 1/10 scale

I try Rhino WIP and dont get all the unwanted bits, BUT having chosen 1to1 scale and fiddled with 1mm = 1mm, and I wish it didnt want to change my scale by default !..I see an A4 sheet with one line, it expects me to enter the page size, but this is an aircraft I am exporting, and it was so easy when selecting just a box and scale and photoshop would know how to open it, offering the box size as the default size, it opened at same scale.

To have to enter page size for an aircraft ?


I’ve attached a PDF file I printed from Rhino V5 using PDF995, at a 1:1 scale, modeled in inches.
See if this works in Photoshop.PDF995_V5.pdf (2.4 KB)

I don’t have or use Photoshop myself so I can’t test it.