Test VisualARQ in Rhino V6

Is it possible to test VisualARQ in the Rhino WIP V6 ?
Does it exist a VisualARQ Beta for V2.0 ?

rhino 6 can’t to run any existing plugin, said here

There won’t be any plug-ins for V6 until the Software Development Kit for Rhino V6 is “frozen”. Every time we make any change to the SDK during development, any plug-in based on it breaks. We are working towards an SDK Freeze but it has not happened yet.

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So, release v6 asap:kissing_heart:

Is there an update to this?

I’m pretty sure there is a test build of OctaneRender plugin for V6; so I assume the SDK has been frozen?

@Prehabitat, VisualARQ 2 still doesn’t work on Rhino 6 WIP and it won’t until Rhino 6 doesn’t change to Beta or final Release stage.

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Ok @fsalla,

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Hi @Prehabitat,

Yes, you’re right, the Rhino 6 C++ SDK has been frozen, and we’ve already started porting VisualARQ to it. We’ll publish a Beta version of VisualARQ 2 for Rhino 6 as soon as it builds and runs fine.

We’ve discovered that McNeel has made many more changes on the SDK that we’ve initially expected. Some of them are just function name changes or new features, but some other SDK changes are big and requires much more changes on VisualARQ 2 source code. And as we want to keep compatibility with Rhino 5 (at least until VisualARQ 3), we’ll need to keep different source codes for VisualARQ for Rhino 5 and VisualARQ for Rhino 6 in some areas. This will also require some more development time.

I’m sure VisualARQ 2 for Rhino 6 will be ready way before Rhino 6 ships, and I think that the first Beta of VisualARQ 2 for Rhino 6 will be published after VisualARQ 2 release, as we’re currently focused on VisualARQ 2.



Thanks @enric
Paul the OctaneRender 4Rhino said the same thing about SDK changes :+1:

Rhino 6 is on general release now. Any idea when VisualARQ for 6 will be released?

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Good news. VisualARQ for Rhino 6 is already available: http://blog.visualarq.com/2018/04/19/visualarq-2-available-rhino-6/ 4


Can’t wait to try it! I’ve downloaded the 2.1 update and ran the installer, but I got VArq installed on Rhino 5 (I have both Rhino 5 and 6 installed on my machine). Is there any way to force the plugin installation into Rhino 6? Thanks!

Hi @bmscmoreira,

VisualARQ 2.1 for Rhino 6 is a separate download. When you received the download email, it should contains different links for Rhino 5 (x86), Rhino 5 (x64) and Rhino 6.

Did you get the 3 links on the email?


Thanks for the reply. Thing is, I filled in the form twice and still got no email (sometimes it takes some time) so I’ve used a link from a previous version. Just realized that it had “rhino5” on the filename. My bad :slight_smile:

I used my brain and figured out the right link :slight_smile:

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