VisualARQ for Rhino 7?

Hi @fsalla,

customers are asking: Is VisualARQ already ready for Rhino 7?

I look here, but I don’t find it:



I believe the support for Rhino 7 was added with the release of VisualARQ version 2.9 – reference details here:

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Hi @Michael_Meyer
Yes, VisualARQ already works on Rhino 7 since the 2.9 version. It’s a free update for VisualARQ users. No matter if they still work on Rhino 5, 6 or on Rhino 7. They can use VisualARQ on any of these Rhino versions.

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hey hope you;re good: just checking how we install the varq upgrade into rhino 7 - sorry for the annoying Q but want to make sure i don’t have any clashes if i am still runnning v6 with vArq for some older files - Thanks, B.

< will send an email in this instance.

Hi @Bilal,

VisualARQ for Rhino 7 should work perfectly fine with older files, no matter which version of VisualARQ or Rhino are you currently using. In fact, you should be able to open a file saved with VisualARQ 1 under Rhino 4…


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Oki guys, got a new one: My r7 VArq says it is out of date, i need to get he latest version? is the code on the installer?


Hi @Bilal,

VisualARQ 2.11 was published 1 month ago, and last week we just released VisualARQ 2.11.1.

You can download the latest version from the VisualARQ website:



Thanks :slight_smile: