Visualarq for Rhino6?

Is there a visualarq update for te rhinoceros 6 avaliable yet?


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@Leonardo_G_Pate We are currently working on it. I’ll let you know when VisualARQ is available for Rhino 6.


Is it a big change @fsalla??

Similarly large amount of work for any plugin to be ported over (ie. Lands Design) ?

Hi @Prehabitat,

The time to port a plug-in from Rhino 5 to Rhino 6 depends mainly on the SDK used (C++, RhinoCommon, Rhino.NET, RhinoScript, etc).

A RhinoCommon plug-in should work out of the box or require very few changes, but a C++ plug-in (like VisualARQ or Lands) will take longer, as the SDK has changed and a new compiler is used. Moreover, as the C++ SDK was stabilized about 2-3 months ago, we started porting it then, as we preferred to wait until no more changes were introduced in the SDK. The most breaking changes in the Rhino 6 SDK are related to annotations (text, dimension, etc) and to display, and VisualARQ is using most of these features.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the changes in the SDK, at the contrary, these changes are done to get new features, or to fix problems in the SDK, even being many of them asked by us!

But as @fsalla said, VisualARQ 2 for Rhino 6 is nearly finished, and we’re currently testing it, but it is not stable enough to be released. As VisualARQ and Lands share a common core plug-in (named Tibidabo), porting Lands to Rhino 6 is partially done (I guess nearly 80%).




All good, no pressure from me; I’m just curious.

Awesome answer @enric , thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

sounds great. looking forward for Rhino 6 with visualarq and vray for the ultimate workflow for architectual design!

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So guys, is visualarq and lands coming for rhino 6 already?

Hi Enric,
does that also meen, that there will be a VisualARQ version for the new Rhino 6 for Mac? Or is there the same issue as in Rhino 5?



yes, you said that in 22 january, we are almost at april.

Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate,

We’re currently testing VisualARQ 2 for Rhino 6. The port is done, but we’re still fixing some problems related to the new SDK, specially everything related to annotations (text, dimensions, etc). VisualARQ uses many features of the Rhino SDK, and there are more changes in the new Rhino 6 SDK that we expected.

We are also working in the new file format of Rhino 6, and making sure that files saved with Rhino 6 (using the Rhino 5 format) can be opened in Rhino 5. It seems trivial, but It isn’t.

As far as I know, everything else is working great, but I’m sure there are still some minor bugs in other areas.

We’ll not publish VisualARQ 2 for Rhino 6 until we’re completely sure that it is stable and that no corrupt files are generated.

Sorry for the delay,



No, VisualARQ for Mac is a completelly different story. You have more information in this topic:



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lands design should be avaliable in the same period as visualarq?

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May I ask hows the progress now…
Would it be possible to have it in this month?

Good news. VisualARQ for Rhino 6 is already available:


Awesome thank you!

I hate to be that guy, but is Lands Design available for Rhino 6 too?

Awesome, great effort!
Thank you!

We are working on that now and it should be out in a few days. Stay tunned at the Lands Design group:


So excited! :slight_smile:

Hi! Just installed VA 2.1 for Rhino 6… seems to work. =)
Been waiting for this day! Finally I’m good to use Rhino 6…
Best regards

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Great job.