Test version crashes - is it normal? i intend to buy rhino


hi rhino forum :slight_smile:

i am a german goldsmith and intend to buy rhino and rhinogold. after cleanly installing both the program crashes and stops the whole computer. after this it is not possible to shutdown anything. switching off is the only solution.
I hope someone out there could help me to solve this. i can promise, i installed the whole system perfectly.

i run a windows 7 machine 64bit with 16GB RAM… this is more than good enough. isn’t it?

i am deeply disappointed and would be very happy if somebody could help me.

thanx in advance


Clearly it should not be doing this. We have lots of users of Rhino and RhinoGold that have no problems.

Can you start Rhino in Safe mode ?
(Start>All Programs>Rhinoceros 5.0> Rhinoceros 5.0 (64bit) in Safe mode)

I also might try uninstalling all, then installing just Rhino to see if that runs by itself.



hi mitch :slight_smile:

thanks for the fast answer. i tried all suggestions before i posted my item.
the save mode does not contain the rendered prewiev. so i did not try this. but otherwise, what sholud it help if i kney that the “normal” rhino and rh-gold is not running but the save version?
i also generated a new admin user on windows without any other programs AND tried different languages (ger and en). even there it was the same behaviour. freezing screen.

it is so frustrating :frowning:


this is my system in the system report: (sorry for german language)

Komponente Details Teilbewertung Gesamtbewertung
Prozessor AMD Phenom™ II X6 1055T Processor 7,4
Ergibt sich aus
der niedrigsten
(RAM) 16,0 GB 7,4
Grafik AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series 7,9
Grafik (Spiele) 5115 MB insgesamt verfügbarer Grafikspeicher 7,9
Primäre Festplatte 10GB frei (112GB gesamt) 6,8
Windows 7 Professional
Hersteller To Be Filled By O.E.M.
Modell To Be Filled By O.E.M.
Gesamter Systemspeicher 16,0 GB RAM
Systemtyp 64 Bit-Betriebssystem
Anzahl der Prozessorkerne 6
Gesamtgröße der Festplatte(n) 2673 GB
Datenträgerpartition (C:) 10 GB frei (112 GB gesamt)
Datenträgerpartition (D:) 364 GB frei (487 GB gesamt)
Datenträgerpartition (E:) 132 GB frei (233 GB gesamt)
Medienlaufwerk (F:) CD/DVD
Datenträgerpartition (J:) 309 GB frei (444 GB gesamt)
Datenträgerpartition (K:) 38 GB frei (444 GB gesamt)
Datenträgerpartition (M:) 273 GB frei (487 GB gesamt)
Datenträgerpartition (N:) 387 GB frei (466 GB gesamt)
Grafikkartentyp AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series
Insgesamt verfügbarer Grafikspeicher 5115 MB
Dedizierter Grafikspeicher 2048 MB
Dedizierter Systemarbeitsspeicher 0 MB
Gemeinsam genutzter Systemspeicher 3067 MB
Grafikkarten-Treiberversion 8.801.0.0
Auflösung des primären Monitors 1680x1050
Auflösung des sekundären Monitors 1280x800
DirectX-Version DirectX 10
Leistungsinformationen und -tools Seite 1 von 2
file:///C:/Users/“user”/AppData/Local/Temp/PrintPreview.hta 12.07.2013
Netzwerkadapter NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
Netzwerkadapter TAP-Win32 Adapter V9
Netzwerkadapter TAP-Win32 Adapter V9
Die Gaminggrafikbewertung basiert auf dem primären Grafikadapter. Wenn dieses System miteinander
verbundene oder mehrere Grafikadapter aufweist, können für einige

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hello- I guess the first thing to try is the standard advice to update video drivers to the latest if you have not done so - it will at least eliminate that as a factor.



hi pascal,

if you meant the driver of the graphic card… i checked it. it is the newest version…
is the driver of the graphic card (so we call it in german) the same as the video driver? i presume yes.

thank you for the hint!

(Pascal Golay) #7

Hi, yes the graphics card driver - it seems like that is all correct then… although, even if new, it is not impossible that reinstalling the driver will help- I’ve seen it before. The symptoms seem to me to be graphics related as a first guess. Can you please also try this- assuming Rhino opens at all- go to Options > Plug-ins page and disable the Rhino Gold plug-in, then restart Rhino. Does it behave itself better? If so we can look at Rhino Gold and get in touch with their tech support as well.



hi pascal,

windows said my driver was the newest. allthough i downloaded it once more and installed the driver from the manufacturer’s page… and welll… WOW i think it worked :slight_smile:

i started ONLY rhino gold english version. it runs as far as i can tell NOW. your reccommendation was great. i hope my first trial was not an exception :slight_smile: … i let you know if the was something bad in the coming days. i hope there won’t.

windows told me wrong… we solved it, i think :slight_smile:
it is going to make me feel happy again!

thanx a LOT!!!

in the future i will post my results on

www dot jis-unikate dot de

in “videos”

greets from cold germany

(Pascal Golay) #9

OK, great, thanks for following up!