Tessellation To Solid?

Hello, So I’ve been learning to create different tessellation’s using the lunchbox grasshopper plugin, well in short, my question is after creating this tessellation in 2d is there a way to make 3 dimensional ones that I can later use as a solid within rhino? Like say I wanted to make a 3d printed mug with a raised tessellated pattern, I haven’t been able to find many videos covering the subject, or maybe im just lost.

you should categorize this with the main tag grasshopper. retoplogising works for any geometry no matter if 2d or 3d, also your title is a bit confusing, tesseleation has imho no direct relation to solids explicitly. ok after turning on my brain, your probably mean tesselation for or with solids, maybe you have an example of what you want to do?

It would looks something like this, wrapped around a cylindrical surface, which can then be cute out of a solid cube to make a mold, thus a cup with a tessellation, I dont know if this example helps


by looking at that particular example, all the points in the corners of the grid are at height Z = 0

and also 2 points inside each grid are at height Z=0

then you have an additional point along each square cell edge:

so for each cell you have 10 points, of which 8 on the cell edge and 2 inside the cell itself:

if you triangulate each cell (10 triangles per cell, triangles = always planar [yeah]) and raise +Z the only 4 points along the edges, you should get the 3D pattern you are looking for

once you have the final whole pattern, you can use flow along surface to wrap it around the cylindical surface to create the mold