Hexagonal Tessellation


I need to make a tessellation on a cylinder like in the bottle of the image, but I’m pretty new into the grasshopper thing, can anyone would explain me how to do it please.

You could start with the search feature:

You can play around with Lunchbox and Weaverbird plugins to achieve something similar.

Bottle_re.gh (21.7 KB)


Thank u so much, just what I need

Hello Again HS_Kim, I already work and play with the definition, but I have some question, is there a possible way that I don’t have a deformation on the top of the bottle, I mean, the same size and proportion of the hexagon no matter when the surface have a change.

I show you some photos of 1 3D print that I made with the hexagon inverted, and what I want, some like transparent with white liquid bottle without deformation.