Help with Parametric Pavilion Definition

Hello everyone. My name is Caio. Could anyone help me with some solution to get a similar result to this one developed by Przemek Jaworski available at the link: []

Following are attachments of the GHS files that I own, and image of the pavilion for those who do not wish to open the (26.3 KB)


Please, I really need some help. If anyone knows how to do it, I am willing to buy it for some value.

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you.

See this post originated by my friend Aris (he was searching the Holly Grail at that time only to discover that there’s none around) and some “similar” images from “similar” projects (spot the auto pieces layout ability as well in some of them):

Anyway the C# code is strictly internal meaning that is NOT for sale (by any means and at any price) nor any advisory about how to do it is possible … but I could (for free - obviously) provide results and layouts if your stuff is fixed with regard topology/form.

BTW: For doing the (a bit crude) disk like joints shown in your image requires a few lines of code more (but that’s very easy anyway). I would strongly recommend to mastermind a far more elegant joint approach compatible with the all overal airy aesthetics of similar structures.