Terracing a brep

Hello everyone,

I tried to apply this thread to my brep surface but it won’t work. It says for the surface grid that a point is null. Also that the first brep set is empty for solid intersection. Would you have an opinion to fix that ?

Here is the thread: Terracing Curved Surface

Thank you very much for your help !

terrasse cubes.gh (24.6 KB)
Cercle pollution 2.3dm (419.9 KB)

There is no problem with the definition, It seems you don’t fully understand the details of the definition, so you can not control the parameters properly…

terrasse cubes_reV2.gh (21.6 KB)

Hello Kim, thank you for your help. I don’t get what you have done, I still have the same problem for the SrfGrid “a point in the grid is null”, whereas I can see you don’t have this message. Also nothing appear on the panel you have add for Slnt :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe this is the problem ? This point is missing

It’s a tolerance issue with project. What is your rhino tolerance and units set to? I also had the error and switched the units from millimeters to meters and i worked. So either change your Rhino tolerance settings or slightly scale the surface you divide to be a little smaller. This is a typical issue when things have to deal with the edge conditions of surfaces (like booleans, joins, projections, ect.) Essentially that one null point is missing the surface based on tolerance.

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Hi Mickael,
that’s it ! My settings were in millimeters and tolerance to 0.001 units. I changed units to centimeters and it works. Thank you for eplaining me this particularity !

Nice that it was no mistake of my side. :smiley: Created the script in meters. Happy, that Michael could solve the problem.

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