1. A point in the grid is null. Fitting operation aborted

Hi everyone,
Ive read a few forums and still can’t work out this problem.
Trying to create a surface from points but the function says I have null points!
is there anything i can do to fix this problem? pretty new to grasshopper so any help would be appreciated

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Please upload your GH file with internalized geometry.

No worries

001_terraintest.gh (27.0 KB)

Halfway there

Right clic on the curve param > Internalize


001_terraintest2.gh (611.1 KB)

Got it.

For an unexpected reason (maybe the gigantic coordinates, your curves are far from the origin) the last point of Divide Surface is null.

Therefore the Hit output of Mesh Ray is null and so is the output of Pick'n'Choose.

Solution : right clic > reparameterize the surface.


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Thankyou so much! that worked like a charm!

nice one!
would be interesting to understand why exactly 401 nulls were generated before the reparametrization of the surface: 401 is exactly the width of the array…

001_terraintest2_Re.gh (599.5 KB)

looks like without reparametrization the very last column of 401 points are all Nulls: