Temporarily rotate top view 90-degrees

Is there a way to temporarily rotate top view 90-degrees?
And then change it back?
(Without opening a dimensional-door to some forsaken world : )

I am working on a Y-aligned object (top view), but a times I would like to rotate the view so it goes horizontally on my 15" 16x9 laptop screen.

I tried C-Plane, but it translates the coordinate planes, which I don’t want–yet it doesn’t change the rotation if the top-down view.

The M-Plane seems inappropriate because, once again I don’t want to change the coordinate system, nor am I working on just one object.

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Try the _TiltVeiw command.



And UndoView to reset the view.

TiltView is another command I did not know existed.

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Thank you. What a handy inclusion it would be in the view menu. Though, I had to undo quite a few times, after a mouse zoom.

I’ve been using Rhino 3D since 2007. I hope to try all the commands some day. : )

One other handy way would be by rotating the view via Shift+Alt+RMB-drag.
Please note that if you keep the cursor near the viewport edge, the rotation will snap to 5 degree steps making 90 deg turn easy (the cursor will have a small “5” on it…)

Then _Plan command would restore original top view orientation.