Rotate View?

Hey is there an easy way to rotate the view by 90degree? thanks!

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Yes, it’s well hidden:

Press SHIFT + ALT and you will be able to rotate the view…however move your cursor(now a hand) to the edge of the view. The cursor will change to a hand with a 5 and you will notice the vi rotation will be with 5 degree increments.

Or use the command _TiltView and use the Angle option in the commandline to set desired rotation.


Thanks so much Willem! TiltView works, but McNeel should implement a reset view command and check the free hand behaviour. It causes trouble when you hover over the window below (4-windows view)

SHIFT+ALT doesn’t work for me, can you pls make a quick screencast? this tool is killer (saves as animation or gif and is free)

I’ve got limited time atm but when you press and hold left Shift and left Alt and while pressed down; manipulate the view while holding down the RMB. Does that work?


@willem Yes would work now. Thanks a lot!

Home and End keys step backward and forward through view changes.

@gregb You are right. thanks mate!