Rotate Top View around Z-axis permanently

Hello everyone,

First of all, I want to thank everyone who is involved in the development of Rhino, it’s such a great software!

My question for y’all is, I have a 400m long hull model and the default 0° top view button is very uncomfortable for longitudinal top views both for single window view or the 4-window view.
How do I rotate the Top View around the Z-axis permanently at 90° as a default top view? I found that I can rotate it in the View properties submenu, but when I click again in the Top View icon, my view has been rotated back to 0°.

I know I can save a custom view for a rotated top view, but that’s not an efficient way of working…

I was thinking of creating an additional rotated top view custom button (little red car icon) too for a Left click of 0° and a Right click at 90 °. What command line should I put in the corresponding boxes?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Paste this:

'_SetView _World _Top

-runscript (
sub TiltView

Dim strView
strView = Rhino.CurrentView

Rhino.TiltView strView, 0, 90

End sub

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Thank you Riccardo Majewski, this is perfect!