Technical view: can't hide tangent edges?

In technical views, I can hide creases, but it seems to only work on objects that are periodic (or maybe there are other criteria, but that’s what I suspect so far.) I’d like to be able to hide edges between joined surfaces where surfaces intersect with G1 continuity or greater (or to be able to hide edges based on an angle.)

Is this possible now? I’ll attach an image (the image is of a cylinder boolean

ed with a rectangular solid.)

Hi Peter- you might try, and it is not the same as what you want exactly, leaving creases on, Silhouettes on, and Edges off.


shut off edges in the display panel - it will get rid of that effect-


Thank you both - I think that turning edges off, silhouettes on, and creases on does it!

Actually, that doesn’t do what I’m looking for. In some cases I can’t see edges b/c not all edges are silhouettes.

This file is a better example. I want to see edges that meet at angles > 0 (or customizable number) but not other mode wish.3dm(334.4 KB)

Hmm- here it certainly seems like the edges that disappear are also silhouettes in most views- this just look wrong to me.