Hide joined edges?

is there a way to hide (only) joined edges of polysurfaces? like- hide if tangent or better… within 1 degree… 5 degree etc.

as a viewport mode option.

Reviving this one after a while -
It’s been a long time wish of mine as well to be able to selectively hide surface/polysurface edges.
From different topic I saw there is hope for some improvement in this area:

@jeff - would it be possible at all to make user-default edges not show in any display mode that globally shows the edges? ( I saw only the technical mode is discussed, but I can imagine if it can be done in Tech mode then it could be possible in all other modes).

So we would be able to pick the edges to be ‘hidden’, and then have a command to unhide all of object’s edges or another mode that shows hidden edges in different color to be individually unhidden.

There is a lot of scenarios in our workflow where this would come very handy, especially where the correctness of the 3D model is secondary but its look in the viewport for review being clean is more critical.
So for joined non-coplanar polysurfaces, the seam visibility many times is undesirable; Also in case of split and re-joined non-planar surfaces that can’t be cleaned up with MergeAllFaces command.

Thanks, hope we can see some more control in that area without resorting to workarounds for cleaner display.


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I often find myself wishing it would be possible to not show the seam in cylindrical surfaces (like holes). I’m constantly rotating those surfaces to get the seams out of the view of an interesting viewpoint.

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This has been put on the wish list… But it’s more involved than one might think to “just” hide/show specific edges on specific objects…and requires some architectural re-work on the object definition…but as I said, it’s been added to the list.


Thanks Jeff!
If I’d thought this was a mere “just” issue, I would have mentioned it a long time ago :wink:

I wouldn’t dare to say ‘just’ asking about this type of feature!
Can imagine it involves a lot of ‘under the hood’ work. Thanks for looking into that–