Tarp sim GH kangaroo


I have to create tarps, the blue ones in the attached image, for an urban model and I’m wondering if GH/kangaroo is the way to go.
I need to drape some buildings and larger areas but I need to have textures applied afterward and I’m afraid of the complexity.
Also I’m not much of GH user so this is kind of new for me.
If anyone can point me to a few GH file examples I could use or study to get going that would really help.



Hi Roland -

It might be but that image is very small (: I would upload a Grasshopper file if you have started something or at least a Rhino file of the context.

At any rate, perhaps these get you going…


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Hi @wim
Sorry about the image size it’s all I had in context.
Those links are what I was looking for. I’ll post something when I get into trouble.
Thanks for your help,