Kangaroo fabric drape


I’m very new to kangaroo and am struggling with what I’m doing wrong in the definition that I’ve attached. The intention is to create a simple fabric like drape.
fabric drape.gh (16.2 KB)
Any ideas for revisions or pointers on what to investigate would be very appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

Looks like you are using old version of Kangaroo…
You can find the updated K2 example from “here

Thank you for responding so quickly.

I was using the older version, so I’ve downloaded the update and your file, but I’m still a little confused. Maybe I should have been a little clearer, but my goal is to create multiple forms like the one in the screen capture I’ve attached.

I’d like to create forms that drape or hang in the middle and are taught on all sides, based on surfaces. I am hoping to imitate what it would look like if the surfaces were made of fabric.

I’m not sure if the script that you’ve pointed me to is meant to do the same thing, or if is a replacement for part of the process. It looks like the output is a list of data (lines) not a new surface with a gravity-like hang to it.

Can you let me know if I’m missing something obvious?


drape image|619x500

It seems your attached image link is broken…

Sorry for that. Does this link work?

I don’t usually say “Drape” what you want to do.
The term “Drape” is commonly used to simulate shapes that occur when a cloth like mesh is unfolded and covered over other objects.
What you want to do is easily doable with a basic simulation of mesh relaxation.

MeshRelax_K2_basic_re.gh (9.2 KB)

This is great! I’ve made a little adjustment to accept a surface rather than a rectangle as a start.
I’m not certain if the way I did this was a problem, but it seems that the sensitivity and control over the relaxation are no longer as good. I’ll continue to investigate (I’m probably just not be understanding something in the updated kangaroo), but if you have any additional pointers, it would be very helpful.

MeshRelax_K2_basic_re_edit.gh (8.3 KB)

Thanks again for all your comments!

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