Creating fabric in Grasshopper and Kangaroo

Hi ya

I don’t know if it is just me but I find the grasshopper/Kangaroo plugin the most complex and over convoluted design I’ve ever come across. This is my second time trying to approach the plugin and I cannot find any logic to it.

Can anyone point me to a tutorial or stack of tutorials that will teach me the absolute basics like I have never seen it before? Also my eventual goal is to create fabric draping over things in interior scenes so is there a tutorial out there that shows this?

The complexity of such a task is mind blowing. 3ds max is so much easier and intuitive but insanely expensive these day. This video tut show exactly what I want to know how to do in Kangaroo

Thanks in advance


Hi Adam,

Here’s one example that might be of some help to start:

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Thanks Daniel, I’ll take a look