Tangent line and interactive blendcrv line not displaying properly

Has this ever happened to anyone? I’ve searched the forum and couldn’t find anything.

The BlendCrv line doesn’t display properly in shaded display mode with shadows on, but it works with shadows off.

43s video example:

I’m using this display mode:

Any big brains got some suggestions/advice?

Hi Vince - I do not see that yet here with just shadows on in shaded, but I’ll try your ShadedGray and see.
With your mode I do see the problem…


Hi Pascal, I think I figured it out but I’d just like to double check before I report my findings. Could you send me a default shaded.ini file to test?

I got one from Bobi:

But I’d just like to check with a confirmed default shaded.ini file, in case this one is different.
(I would press “Restore defaults” to do the check but I don’t know if it will reset all of my settings)

Never mind, I bit the bullet and it only restored my shaded view lol

I’ll reply with my findings in a bit.

Okay, I’ve figured it out and I do think it’s a bug:

I forgot to show it in the video but I tested with ExtendDynamic (to see if any other curve-altering commands exhibit the same behaviour) and that displays fine.

Got it - thanks for the detailed testing.

From what I can see so far, this does not happen in V8/WIP

No problem, I was moreso testing thoroughly because I didn’t want to have to wait for a patch in case I could fix it myself.

Any chance it could be fixed for R7? I enjoy the modern look that thick-lines and shadows-on gives the modelling experience in Rhino.

In any case, thanks for looking into it for me!

Hi Vince - I will put it on the pile, I do not have high hopes for this being fixed in V7 but one never knows.


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Some more relevant observations: it’s possibly related to lighting differences b/w Ambient Occlusion and point light sources.

If I’m not mistaken, the skylight in the render lighting settings is the same as the Ambient Occlusion lighting method option in the display mode settings, whereas the sun is a different type of light.

Quick demo: