Surface Match Problem

Hello everyone, I’m a relatively new user at rhino software and I’ve been trying to do this building model of one of my projects but it doesn’t’ work out. I’ve built this “surface” from network surface, loft and patch commands to get the form i want, but as you can see the intersections between each surface its still visible. I’ve tried to use fillet surface, match surface, merge surface, smooth, connect, rebuild, and almost all of surface tools. I don’t know what else should i use. I appreciate your help and time

The surface layout prevents you from using the match surface command properly.
I would first build the shape globally and then start rounding of and blending parts of the shape.
Try to build up your surface with either the Loft, EdgeSrf or Sweep commands.
If you loft, build up (if possible) your curves with the same degree and control points.
Ideally, have UV directions lining up between surfaces.
Match Srf works only on untrimmed surfaces. You can also match multiple egdes at same time.
Use NetworkSrf and Patch as last resorts, personally I never use them.

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Thank you. I tried with EdgeSrf and i think it’s better now… but the edges still visible. I don’t know how to match multiple edges at the same time. I tried with MergeSrf but it says “Edges are too far apart to merge”.

Surface layout looks a bit better. Your surfaces still contain a lot of control points. Which means the curves you have used to build your surfaces from are too complex. Clean up your curves first. Preferably keep them single span. Use CurvatureGraph to check the curvature. Line up curves with Match.

Start with simple surfaces, you can always increase the complexity or degree of your surfaces if you have trouble matching them. You can Rebuild, RebuildUV, ChangeDegree and if really needed insert point or knots.

I wouldn’t use MergeSrf. Try MatchSrf. You can select Multiple Matches.

About the surface layout. Make two separate surfaces for the top and the blend towards the side. So first create the top surface, then the side and then draw a blend in between.

I would not use RailRevolve or Revolve for the surface on the left side. This surface is too hard too match up like this. Instead trim of the corners of the top surface and use a two rail sweep or EdgeSrf.

Goodluck. Also look up information on surface continuity and patch layout. Should get you started.

Not sure if Rhino has a similar list of golden rules, if not they should make them.