Complex surface soft/hard combination

Hello there, I’m trying to get a shape like this:

I’ve tried mutliple approaches, BlendSrf, NetworkSrf, Sweep2, but none are giving a clean smooth-flowing seamless result, Does any of you have any idea’s?



Hi peter,
Could you upload a sample file? :wink:

Here is a file with the object in question
ExampleFile.3dm (1.4 MB)

Okay okay, I’ve been playing around with the blendsrf and with mutliple handle sets i was able to get this:

Only thing I don’t like is the hard ‘line’ which is visible in the reflection, but I guess this is ‘real’ behaviour, the expected result of this surface shape?

A lot of seemingly complex corners turn into simple fillets(you can substitute blends) when you think about the intersections of larger shapes, and I suspect your typical everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink MCAD suite can make that fillet with little problem. I tried it with Rhino and it trims off the fillet okay but it doesn’t extend the lower surface up to fill in the gap.

ExampleFile_2.3dm (488.2 KB)

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I reworked your curves to simplify them and ensure their continuity. It is simply not possible to get a tangency blend all along the planar surface edge. You can rework the surfaces a bit and use a fillet to blend the edge to achieve this goal.

Hi Peter

The attached pictures show my solution:
Explde an trim surfaces
Blend Curve
Network Surface

Ciao Vittori

You can fillet and blend the surfaces together.

Thank you very much for all the advice, and in special @vittorio for the clear step-wise explanation the information you guys are providing gives me some good inspiration on how to get this shape even closer to the real object then I was able to get it up to now.

Thanks : )

Here is a cleaner way to fillet and blend these surfaces together.

“here is a way” Could you elaborate on how you did it? :slight_smile: