Table Leg Stop Chamfer

Hi. I’ve been trying to create a stop chamfer for a wooden table leg, and failing miserably! This is my first post by the way.


I’ve being looking at the chamfersrf command and chamfer edge but can’t figure out how to stop the chamfer at a certain distance rather than all the way through the edge.
I’ve tried creating another solid in the shape of the cut out section and booleansplit it, and also boolean difference but again no joy.
Here’s the solid object I’ve tried to use as a cutter.

Any pointers gratefully received.

Hi Hugh - best to upload a file with the leg and cutter… I’ll take a look.


LegChamfer.3dm (2.9 MB)

Hi Pascal.
Many thanks!

Hi Hugh - does this get the result you want? Demo on Windows but the commands should all work.


That’s it Pascal! Wow, thanks so much!
So I split the edge where I want the chamfer to stop, then use the chamfer edge command with two handles of the size required. I’ll give it a go. The options in windows are a little harder to see as I’m used to the mac but I should be able to get it working from this!


Hi Hugh - there are captions in that clip - you may have to enable them or something- somehow they don’t show. But yes- place a handle at each end of the straight part with the correct distance, then one at the very end that has distance=0. That will hold the chamfer straight and then taper it to a point starting at the last ‘full chamfer distance’ marker.


Pascal beat me

I made 2 splits to have the handles at the same position, then merge all faces

Thanks Diego. Just about to try the method.

Thanks, all worked well.
I very much appreciate the speedy help!


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