How to cut a chamfer in a solid

Hi All,
Following yesterdays easy question, another one for today.

I started with a solid cube and need to remove a chamfered edge, but I can’t get it to work.

I have attached a screen capture of what I want to do - the red bit is the shape of the bit I want to remove from the main block.

I now know I could create a cross section, extrude it and then put the holes in, but Im sure I must also be able to start with a solid and remove an edge.

Any pointers please.


What I do with object that don’t want to work with a chamfer, is use a boolean difference, so I just make an object, in the correct shape, then cut the object out of your main object.

For a symmetric chamfer, you can use the command ChamferEdge. Unfortunately, this command does not allow asymmetric chamfers as per your image. In that case, you can use the command ChamferSrf between two surfaces, this is not a “solid” command, so it will leave your object open and some areas will need additional trimming. One way to work with this is to use it with Trim=No, and then use the resulting chamfer surface to trim all the others and then join all up. Or you can try using BooleanSplit with the chamfer surface created and the block, then delete the unwanted part and the surface.

There are any number of other ways to do this… But no auto one-click function for an asymmetric chamfer.

Cool. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I’ll have a play and see what I can come up with.


Additionally, Using a curve/line, or a surface, you could even use the Trim option, select the line/surface to use it as a cutting object, then click the part of the your object you want to have deleted. Then you need to close the object still though.

In this particular case, because it is a straight cut, drawing a line at the angle needed- oversized - too long- is probably best - and WireCut may be a simple way out.


I am very new to this program. I just bought it a few days ago. I have to make an asymmetrical chamfer just like Jon, however my object’s edge is not straight but tapers on a slight angle. So, if I create a solid to do a boolean split, the extruded object does not follow the tapered edge…ugh…how to do this?

I’d snap a line onto your cube defining the chamfer and use wirecut, setting the cut direction with the command line option.

Another really easy way would be to use chamfer with the size of one side and move the edge manually. Sub object selection makes this a breeze in V5.

Old post but look like Solid chamfer is still available as symmetric only?
I would like to know if a chamfer by distances or angle command has not yet been added.

I deal with sheets of material of constant thickness which are cut to different shapes.
The border need to be chamfered say to 1:2 ratio or 25 degrees, NOT 45 degrees like symmetric does.
Sub Object selection or wire cut are not useful here.

Hi Luca - no that hasn’t been implemented. I’ve added your request to RH-26549.
In the meanwhile, you could try the ChamferSrf command that allows you to use two different distances.

Ok thanks!
Waiting for it to be implemented in near future I hope!

Not so easy to use ChamferSrf in my geometries…