Tab in Ortho or floating viewport


Using tab to lock the direction not working in Ortho. I saw a post in 2014 about this, but it was for windows. Afterward, it just doesn’t work at in my floating viewport.

Anyone else having this issue?

I’m running an in-house 6.13 Mac V6 WIP build.
In a new floating viewport, with Ortho and Grit snap disabled, I started polyline, picked a start point, dragged my cursor out to an unspecified angle, and tapped the Tab key. The direction constraint was activated complete with the white witness line, and it worked fine.

What are you doing differently?

Hi John,

I’m running 6.14.19043.12076. In this case, I’m copying an object and it refuses to lock at all in any direction. But the issue only happens in my floating viewport, my primary docked viewports ‘tab’ perfectly fine.

I grabbed a newer build yet and can duplicate the problem.
Tomorrow I’ll bisect the builds and figure out when this changed and get a bug report filed.
Thanks for the specifics.

Glad to help—and that I’m not crazy.

A wrinkle…
When I run NewFloatingViewport, and use the “Copy Active” option, then start a polyline and tap the Tab key to hold the direction, it is working for me.

Can you please try that combination?
I am seeing problems if I choose a different projection from the drop-down list.

Hmm so it worked the first time, however, I hit escape and tried yet again and it refused to tab-lock.

This should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP.

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