Tab Lock in Layout Bug

In WIP5C230w in layout mode I’m finding that tab lock isn’t working correctly. It appears to be working for the first operation performed when switching from model space to layout but then it stops working. If I switch back to model space and perform an operation and then back to layout it will work again for the first operation performed in layout and then stops working.

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I can duplicate that.
Tab locking direction works in the model, but only seems to work for the first segment in a Layout.
I’ll get it on the list.
Thanks for reporting it.

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Hi John

Is there any news on this bug being fixed? I’ve been doing a lot of annotating in layouts and am finding the inability to lock direction really problematic. I recently received an email informing that Rhino for Mac is near completion and I’m worried this problem will remain unresolved.

MR-2757 is not fixed yet, but it is slated to be fixed (if possible) in the Rhino 5 for Mac release cycle. We’ll do our best to get this one addressed soon. I’ve added it to the 5.3 release target (which bumps it in priority).

This bug should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP (5E41w). Please give it a try. Thanks again for reporting this and for your patience with the fix.

Thanks Dan! Working perfectly. I really appreciate the fix.