RHINO WISH - Layout Active Tab Highlights/Outline Obvious

I often times have 5-10 tabs/layouts in my files for my drawings

I am always having to squint to see what current tab I am on and I understand I can adjust the colors etc but it would be really nice for the default to somehow highlight the current/active tab or do some kind of outline to make it obvious.

Any tips or tricks please advise


Yes, I see- got that, thanks.

RH-62579 Viewport tabs: More clarity



We added a layouts panel to Rhino to help deal with managing many layout pages. You might want to play with this to see if it helps.

Perfect. Thank you.

Hi @pascal ,
How can I set up Rhino 7 tabs to have a layout like shown here?

For the color in advanced look for:

For the tabs with text, press the gear on the tabs container and change:

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Thank you @Gijs !
actually I did tried already but I didn’t realized opacity was 0 so did not noticed any difference

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