[Request] UI Color Customization: Set TAB Active and Selected Button Color

I am customizing Rhino and tried to access selected tabs and button colors. Using the Appearance or Options/Advanced color settings it is not possible to only set tab or button colors. The color values for UI.Paint.Colors.NormalBorder, UI.Paint.Colors.NormalEnd and UI.Paint.Colors.NormalStart are affecting the UI in an unpleasant way that does not really make sense.

Can active tabs or button colors be assigned through C++/Python or in any other way? If not, could McNeel please implement a way to control the UI appearance a bit better? I am willing to help actively!

It would be nice to have UiPaintColors.ActiveTabBackground added :slight_smile:

This is what I want to achieve:

Thank you for any hints, Daniel

@JohnM - is this something you can help with?

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We have an InActiveTabBackground color that you can set. Adding an ActvieTabBackground color is something we might do for Rhino 8, but not for Rhino 7.

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Thanks Steve and Dale!
That would be much appreciated.

In my personal opinion, the UI color settings as they are now are nice to have but some are really difficult to handle since some are influencing big parts of the UI. Also some values interfere between th Color Options and Advanced (granular) options, overwriting each other.

I understand that it might get more complicated if you make it more granular but I strongly believe that it would be a good idea to simplify and go over the UI-design handling for Rhino 8. Maybe opening the design so that the appearance can be altered through Python or having a UI designer. Iā€™d be glad to help and test such approaches.

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