T-Splines Match to Curve

Hi, I’m trying to get the t-spline surface to blend nicely into the yellow nurb curve without distorting the cylindrical body too much. Seems to be harder than it looks. I’ve looked at multiple video tutorials online but I don’t seem to get the right result.

See how the resulting body after the ts match command is distorted.


Also, if I use less iso curves, the t-spline surface becomes wavy.

@ivan.k.m.ho You have asked t-splines to stretch non-planar curve points on a simple object to what appears a planar curve. That is what to expect.

If you want to maintain the shape then project the curve to your t-spline object then follow something like this from the t-splines manual.

Sometimes things are better off done in Nurbs in conjunction with t-splines. Great learning to try to make everything in t-splines but at some point, I found you need to use the best tool for the job and that is not always t-splines for me.

You might want to also look into tsWeight for retaining shape. Reading the t-splines manual (more than once if you have already) will save you a lot of grief IMO :slight_smile: Good luck.

Thank you very much sochin. Yes I was thinking that the nurb curve will screw things up a bit because I don’t have control of how many iso-curves are used to connect with the t-spline surface.

I think I’ve figured it out but don’t know if this is the proper way.

Right now it kind of feels like a puzzle game where the main goal is to layout an isocurve frame that can match the curve.

@ivan.k.m.ho I thought you were after something like this.

Cylinder and a curve.

Project the curve onto the cylinder

Subdivide the faces around the projected curve

Delete the faces inside the curve

I selected the points around that edge and used tsPull to get them onto the projected curve. I have some distortion in the cylinder because I did not subdivide enough. Will fix that in a minute.

Select the edge and extrude.

I used tsPull to get the points of the extrusion to match the initial planar curve. I also added an edge loop to the left and right sides to get rid of some distortion in the cylinder.

To tidy up that top section select all the faces.

Change the edit mode to vertices/points with those faces selected.

Run tsFlattenPoints to straighten it up.

This is the finished result. Much easier to just do it Nurbs IMO. I would only do it like this if I really had to have a t-Spline object. HTH.