T-splines. Difficulties with tsFromLines

Hey, guys
Im new to Rhino and T-splines, so please, dont judge. Trying to perform tsFromLines command for planar curves, but no result. Can somebody show step by step how to build 2d polygon from sketch below. Minimum amount of polygons and keeping the original shape are required. Thank you

21.3dm (42.3 KB)

There are a few T-Spline users that are active on the discussion group here but perhaps you will get answers sooner if you contact support from the maker of the plug-in.

I gave it a a shot but it is acting weird, maybe @tomfinnigan can hop in?

Hey, @RicardoAmaral It is funny - I have started my experiments with tsplines because you mentioned it to me a while ago in my older post. Here we go again, lol. Thank you though. I am working on my project and kinda stuck halfway because I still cannot get clean model. So you said it didn’t work out for you too?

Oh, you’re trying to do the iMac there, I wouldn’t start with a plane surface. Make a TSplines box and delete some faces leaving only the top and one row of side faces. Sculpt by dragging vertexes, edges or faces.

It’s another mindset. Think of T Splines like you would think of subds. Starting from set lines is never the easiest way to go.

You’ll probably need more faces on X and Y than I did (3):
imac_base.3dm (233.7 KB)

Experiment a bit with faces then check symmetry, will make your life easier too.

PS What I was trying here was crashing, that’s what I meant by acting weird.

@RicardoAmaral Thank you, Ricardo, for your reply
You right - I shouldn’t make it from plane surface. I made this shape in Illustrator by blending and was using it here and there - that is why I stuck with the idea to go from plane surface. I think I will be able to make the same shape from scratch by using t-spline box. That was a good lesson for me not only in regards of modeling, but also about looking at the problem from the different angle…

I’m not much of a modeler, but I took a stab at it.

21_edited.3dm (85.6 KB)

tsFromLines shouldn’t crash with confusing input, but there is apparently a bug. I haven’t diagnosed it yet.

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Nice Tom! Good to see you here.


It is unbelievable how simple the solution and gives such a clean and nice result. Well done, Tom!!! Thank you very, very much!!!