I’m considering getting T-Splines and was wondering what the good and the bad opinions might be. I currently use Modo for SubD modeling but am getting tired of back and forth and the added expense of converters in the future. I’d like to keep everything within one app if possible and like Rhino very much. So what are it’s strenghts and also what are it’s weaknesses?



Yes TS it’s integrated with Rhino, and the integration it’s very good, but on the other side you have a very poor and few tools for constructing and manipulating meshes.
Again the direct matching of a TS within a Rhino Srf border it’s unvaluable, but the development become very slow.
The function of non disruptive boolean operation it’s only for fusion360, at the moment, and, probably, for long time.

At the next googlesummer one of the project will be on integrating nurbs into Blender (!!!)
IMO it’s not time to change, better to wait and see what happen.

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Thanks for the info. It doesn’t sound too, too encouraging but at the same time seems like it can make my life much easier. What’s missing in the area of mesh construction?

I’m a Blender fan and user for about 2 years now.
Can you tell me more about NURBS development in Blender?
Could you give me the link to this news?

Here it is, the N. 2

Selection tools are very few, also bevel, offset and other face tools are missing.
To not talk about slice (trim) that convert the geometry in nurbs loosing the TS properties.

Yes, I imagine compared to Modo, T-Splines has it’s short-comings. But working within the Rhino environment, ability to go to nurbs are starting to feel very attractive.

One thing which I am concerned about is that there doesn’t appear to be a very large Rhino user base…which means development might not be that good. I just want one app which does it all :smile:

Anyone else have comment?

Ah, interesting. I hadn’t realised the GSoC student started looking into OpenNURBS. I’ll see if I can have a hold of him, although I haven’t been too active on IRC lately.

Hopefully this GSoC will improve Blender NURBS support, it has already been long in the planning to update the tools for it (at least since 2009. In 2011 during SIGGRAPH Vancouver I last talked with the developer who was supposed to be working on these).


Hi Paul,

Here was my take on T-Splines as against Clayoo: http://discourse.mcneel.com/t/t-splines-vs-clayoo/5358/2?u=davidwood

I decided to go T-Splines, and at times it is very handy, purely for speed.
At times I find the interface a bit glitchy.
The NURBS patches are generally fine, although can get a little heavy to work with quite quickly.

I’ve got a sinking feeling over whether it is a long-term solution for Sub-D in Rhino, but it works for now.


Thanks. I couldn’t access the link but Clayoo looks even sparser tool-wise than T-Splines and feels very expensive. That is one I will pass on.
I guess I’ll just have to download the demo and see how it feels.

I use T-Splines with Rhino and I don’t know what I’d do without it. I have to create some fairly crazy organic shapes and characters for manufacturing and I’d hate to attempt it without T-Splines (actually, I don’t know how I’d create them without it). It’s been pretty stable for me, in my application, only an occasional crash. I’d like to see more development and I’m not convinced of it’s long term availability as a Rhino Plug-in, but it would be really hard to do this type of work without it.

I suppose this sort of work could be done in NURBS without T-Splines, but I don’t know if I could do it.


Thanks for your views. I imagine there are a few who could tackle something like those with nurbs but why would one want to…just the wrong tool for the job.

Yes, T Splines is a tremendous plug-in and truly boosts the already superb Rhino5 to another level of flexibility and powerfulness.

So my wish for V6 :

Some sort of native (even if rather simple) modelling tool like Clayoo and T Splines.

Regards to all

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I started with T-Splines from the very first days and have been very enthusiastic about TS. It takes a different sort of mindset to use effectively but I've had good results from it. I was disappointed when they were acquired by AutoDesk but that has not been a problem for the Rhino version. There are some excellent tutorials by a guy named Kyle Houchens who get the most out of Rhino/T-Splines and has some excellent tutorials, this is my favorite;

Here are a couple links to some projects of mine that I entered in TS’s design contests.


Knowing your work Paul, I think you could make good use of TS.

Thanks for the feedback…very good tutorial. Good stuff Jody and yes, would be great to see some sort of Native SubD in Rhino 6.

I recently got a project where a SubD solution was needed so downloaded the demo of T Splines to see how effective it would be for me as opposed to Modo.

I find it to be far more useful within the interface than exporting out to modo. Far! Modo has a few tools which I wish TSplines had…selecting a loop via faces, instead of having to use edges, and then cutting that loop up. I can do the same in T Splines but in some cases takes a few more steps.

Modo’s smoothing is tighter than TS so the model in TS looks different than it does in Modo. Also not a big deal.

I love being able to use nurbs to add details to a subs model and Rhino/TS is very capable in this area. I think this alone sold TS for me. Great app and if it didn’t get any better it would still be a wonderful addition to Rhino.

If you’re a student or educator, T-Splines is now available for free (for a 3-year period.) I actually found this page by accident, and its amazing. You’ll also see Studio MAX, Maya, and 30 other apps are also on the same page for free. Hello? Wow! You are welcome.

Link to Autodesk Free Software page