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hi everyone,
I use to use T-Spline, but now im working with SubD (Rhino 7), and i need to match one edge to curve

i add image
in T-spline the command is _tsmatch

Select the “pointsOn” and then use the command “align” with the line or curve option and you will see that the subD surface aligns with the curve.

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Align > ToCurve as mentioned will work and in addition you can use Pull and Project on SubD control and edit points if that is helpful.

These options are not the same as tsmatch. The current options are good ways to organize/arrange subd controlpoints, but they don’t actually match the nurbs geometry.

Tsmatch takes a subd object and creates an exact match to the Nurbs object. If the subd doesn’t have enough controlpoints to achieve the match there was an automatic refine/subdivide option that would ensure the subd would match the Nurbs geometry.

This is a very useful feature and if it’s not already on the future list, please consider adding it. It would get my vote for sure.


Hey mark, In use how many times did you find ts match (exact) made too many faces to then edit in a useful way?

Pretty much always. I believe the most useful is to do this at the very last minute right before you are ready to convert to Nurbs.

If you need an exact match to a nurbs object, I would get it as close as possible with subd and do a matchsrf before conversion.

If the match to the Nurbs object can have a fillet than an exact match is not necessary. You could do this with the current align to curve, have a theoretical sharp and after Nurbs conversion trim back the nurbs object and converted subd and do a blendsrf in between.

The power surfacing plug-in for SolidWorks solves this by having a subdivided subd that is invisible to the user. You get to keep working with the lightweight subd, but underneath there’s a subd that has more subdivisions and is a match to the nurbs geometry.

interesting… so they have levels of detail kinda built in… that’s a clever solution.

They do, I believe they call it level of detail. You can also have fake T-points this way. You can locally subdivide a face and end it in T-points, but they don’t create 5-sided N-Gons. Underneath the entire model is subdivided maintaining quads, you just don’t see it and work with the low res control cage.

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Can this be done with Rhino’s current SubD tools?

@Mark_Landsaat @theoutside, I like where this is going. A live continuity to Nurbs, while maintaining low density for editability until freezing time would be super helpful.



not yet.

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