T.spline installing

after installing tspline plug in …it is not working …i try re install but…

This: image might explain it

Probably a shady copy of T-Splines as well, as you can’t buy that anymore…

can’t seem to get tsplines to load properly (no toolbars) It’s version 4 and i’ve deinstalled and reinstalled several times; have done the same with Rhino 5 as well. have not had use for T splines for a few years but have now got update and rework a project from back then. whenever i’ve done a reinstall i get the following message
error reading…user\appdata\roaming\mcneel\rhinoceros\5.0\plugins\settings\TSplines.rui
root element is missing.
any advice much appreciated. The computer is the same as it always was a novatech running windows 7.5 pro; bought just to run rhino v.rarely connected to internet (like now for verification of license etc)

That is just the T-Splines toolbar file, which may be missing or corrupted…

Many thanks for the superfast reply! i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the plug-in several times, and done the same with rhino having re-downloaded tsplines from its site and reinstalled rhino from its c.d.
Any other avenues i should try?
Within the Rhino folder there’s a plugin folder, but nothing there named tsplines. If i search for .rui files it finds one; double clicking on it launches Rhino but with the same error message as before; root element is missing

Does it show as being loaded in Options>Plug-ins? Can you run any T-Splines commands from the command line (ts…)?

Yes It shows T-splines, with dropdown to display, hotkeys, conversion
beneath that T-splines UI
In the command window it looks like all the t-splines commands are there.
But no TsToolbar
Putting in ‘toolbar’ on its own does not show an option for TsToolbar

Well, I suspect only the toolbar file is corrupted then… Maybe some kind soul here who has T-Splines (I don’t) can PM you a replacement file…

If I find someone who also uses T-splines. Is the only thing i need from them their "TSplines.rui " file? I’ve found the TSplines.rui file on my machine and underneath it is a TSplines.rui.rui_bak file?

Well, you might try making a copy of the rui_bak file and changing the extension to .rui…

@zylbat will pm the file.

Hello Sochin,
Thankyou so, so, much; the file you sent works perfectly, I now have all toolbars up and running. :joy:

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