Have a problem,When i called T-splines to write a MeshToTsSurface command

Hello everyone
I recently called T-splines to write a TestMeshToTsSurface command,An error occurred while I was running.

Like this picture:

I found this error when I using T-splines.dll(T-splines.dll is obtained by modifying the T-splines.rhp)

I use Grasshopper for testing,This error will also occur when I use T-splines.dll.
When i use T-splines.rhp everything is normal.
This is my test file:
Test—MeshToTsSurface.gh (4.7 KB)

Anyone have any better suggestions?

Hi @603419608,

You are you renaming the file extension? Why not just load the plug-in?

I’m confused…

– Dale

Hi @dale
Because Visual Studio can not load T-splines.rhp, So I did not load the plugin directly.

My first step : copy T-Splines.rhp
Step 2: Name the T-Splines.rhp change to T-Splines.dll.
Like this picture:


Hi @603419608,

Sorry, I can’t help with this. You might consider asking your question on the T-Splines forum.


– Dale