T-Splines not working since SR13

I recently installed SR13 for Rhino 5 and have since not been able to see/load the T-Splines toolbar. I’m running the latest version of the TS plugin (version 4 64-bit). I get the messages “error reading file” and “root element missing.” It appears as if the TS commands themselves still work, but for whatever reason the toolbar itself will not load.

What has happened is that the RUI file has become corrupted. If you go to
%appdata%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Plug-ins (just copy and past this line into the explorer address bar), then go to the T-splines plug-in directory, and then to the settings directory, you will see a file with a .rui extension.

Quit Rhino, remove the .rui file, then restart Rhino. It should then re-load the original .rui file from the T-Splines install directory. If not, find the original .rui file in the T-Splines install directory and copy it over to the settings directory by hand.

That did it! Thanks for your help.