T-spline grasshopper plugin still avaible?

Hi. I was searching for the T-Spline plugin for grasshopper and couldn’t find to download… After reading in the website that autodesk won’t update or sell the plugin. I was wondering if you guys know where I can find to download and if student license if available for download.




Hi guys, can you help me to find the t-spline plugin for grasshopper, i have already the latest v.4 of t-spline but cannot find the grasshopper plug-in. Any ideas?!
thanks in advance

Here is the Grasshopper plug-in. Unfortunately, just like T-Spline this Grasshopper plugin does not work on Rhino 6.

TSplinesGH.gha (121 KB)

Hi! does this still work on Rhino 5? i tried to install it but failed for the moment

Yes, last time I checked this T-Splines Grasshopper plugin worked on Rhino 5. Because it is a .gha file, your operating system may block this file by default when you download it. I have attached a zipped version of this same .gha file below. On Windows you may still have to right-click the zip, open the properties and click on the “Unblock” option. I hope this is helpful!

TSplinesGH.zip (51.7 KB)