T-splines for Rhino. I have license for 5. Where do I find the download link?

I have License for T-splines for Rhino. I used it Three weeks ago. Then Windows update destroyed
my Keyshot and I had to reinstall all aps again. Including Rhino.
Now I realised that T-splines is needed I bought the license in 2017. I know they quit this perogram
and it is run by Autodesk, but now I cannot find even a download link for my Rhino 5.
I am able to start my folder and see the toolbar. But it just says ex: “Unknown command: _tsExtrude”
So I need to install it from somewhere….

Please help


Hi - I’m afraid that you will have to contact Autodesk about this issue.

This might be helpful:

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About one year to late. I thank you Tomfinnigan for this link :slight_smile: