T-Splines is not working in Rhino6

I’ve tried to install and crack the app(version3.4 and 4.0 too) but it doesn’t appear in toolbars and won’t load into rhino workspace
Is there anything else I should have done or the program is not compatible with rhino 6 anymore?

I works only with V5, Try SubD in V7

Also, that is illegal. Do not do that nor advise others to do so.

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this is becoming ridiculous. i can understand when you by all means dont have the money, yes pirating is not ok, maybe it can be tolerated to some point specifically when somebody just does not have the means to pay it. but to come forth and announce it in the developers own forum, either you are really an idiot or you are doing it purposely because you think its fun, either way it does not help you much to post here other than annoying everybody. sorry for being rude but man cant i stop scratching my head…

also a student licence costs practically nothing for what it is worth. becoming an architect is not a cheap goal generally, if you cant come up with a few dollars to pay your licence then how much more will you deprive the world of its salary?

Admitting and encouraging to braking EULA can have legal consuequences. This will cost much more than buying a license…

my version is rhino6

my license was correct while the app don’t work…!
don’t panic man…:wink:

I don’t admit that boy…:wink:

Hi -

And, as you have stated yourself, T-Splines doesn’t work in Rhino 6. You could try contacting Autodesk, the owner of that plug-in.

well, that might be misleading tbh. i am sure autodesk will not come up with a new version for rhino :slight_smile:

oh boy

To use T splines use Rhino 5, or buy Autodesk Fusion to be up to date. Autodesk bought T splines years ago, and they are known for killing their products from time to time, enforcing you to buying new one.

Or try Rhino 7 subd instead.

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