Does somebody have the TSplinesGH.gha file ? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!

Hello, I am working on a grasshoper tutorial of the Centre Pompidou Metz but I can’t find the t-splines component in grasshoper. I’ve tried downloading every t-spline version possible but every time the gha. isn’t there. Could somebody give me the gha. file ? It would help me a lot. Thanks !

T-Splines is not free and newer version for R6 isn’t available at the moment. Autodesk will no longer develop it. Have a try clayoo,(Also not free)

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Thank you for your answer. I know that t splines isn’t free but I’m using a trial on Rhino 5 and I really need this grasshoper file for a specific project that I already begun with t splines.

IMHO,you should not ask for it on the official McNeel site.